Father And Son Complete 100-Mile Bike Ride Together

Art Lubinski and his 12-year-old son, Andrew, trained for more than a year and a half to complete what they said is their “first and hopefully last” pandemic “century,” or 100-mile)bike ride.

According to Art, Andrew always loved endurance-type sports and was first introduced to this form of bike riding through his Boy Scouts days. Art said that he turned the training into a father-son bonding experience.

“This is something he wanted to do,” Art said. “As his dad, my job is to make sure he gets to do it, and do it safely.”

Art said he and Andrew missed the opportunity to participate in last year’s “Tri-Right Century Ride,” due to rain. This year’s events were also cancelled amid COVID-19. There are no current bike riding competitions or events open in the state of Illinois for a century ride.

“My son’s enthusiasm, however, was not diminished,” Art said. “We trained for eight weeks and modified a past century ride in Coal City…we completed our first and hopefully last pandemic century ride.”

On Saturday, Art and Andrew woke up at 4:30 a.m. to prepare for their self-constructed century ride together. They headed over to Coal City and began their ride at approximately 6:30 a.m.

“In a century ride there is a halfway point where you stop to take a break, eat, and make sure your bike is in tune,” Art said. “Since we didn’t have that, we made our car the halfway point.”

Art said he and Andrew took about eight hours and 15 minutes to complete their self-constructed century ride, and that they did so while bonding as father and son. Art also stated that his son, Andrew, is ambitious, and plans to compete in a triathlon next year.

“He wants to get into swimming and cross-country so he can one day complete a triathlon,” Art said. “I tell my kids that they can achieve anything as long as they want it bad enough. Nothing is out of your reach.”