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About Simmons

Simmons Associates, Inc. is a nationally known consulting firm specializing in Diversity Services, Human Resources Management and Organizational Development.

Founded in 1977, the firm's continuous dedication to excellence has resulted in the development of high-impact programs designed to provide participants with the skills to effectively manage and work with people from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

Simmons Associates, Inc successfully assists clients with the development and implementation of Diversity Initiatives that support their strategic business processes. Focusing on behavioral change, action planning and accountability, the firm's ultimate goal is to help its clients capitalize on the numerous advantages a well-managed diverse workforce has to offer to achieve enhanced business results.

Leading Innovators in the Field of Diversity

Over the years, Simmons Associates, Inc has developed a number of advanced concepts that have enhanced the state-of-the-art in the Diversity field. These include the Vectors™ Theory which helps program participants recognize that hidden forces exist that move the careers of capable people either forward or backward because of their Diversity.

Participants can then develop the skills to move the organization towards an environment of inclusion, creating greater productivity, quality and employee development. In addition, the firm has developed Diversity 360™, a new and unrivaled assessment instrument that measures both the achievements and the developmental needs of an organization's Diversity Initiative.

Since 1977
Terrence Simmons founded Simmons Associates in 1977 after many years of experience as a successful leader at a number of progressive corporations. Over the years, the firm has grown, recruiting high-energy, innovative contributors from a wide cross section of corporate America.

Over 20 years of experience providing clients with an extremely effective approach to managing the issues of workforce Diversity, Simmons Associates provides unparalleled expertise and solutions.

Broad Client Base
Simmons Associates' clients are organizations which expect high quality delivery on a full range of Diversity-related topics. Clients include domestic and global organizations from a broad range of industries including communications, consumer products, consulting, education, entertainment, financial services, government, health care, high technology, law enforcement, legal services, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

The Simmons Team
Each consultant has substantial experience and an outstanding track record as an employee, a leader and a Human Resources or Organization Development professional and each hails from a different type of high performing organization.

Expertise in Related Disciplines
Simmons Associates' consultants bring substantial expertise in a variety of disciplines related to creating and maintaining high-performing, learning organizations.

Skills include Change Management, Customer Service, Employee Development, Gender Issues Beyond Harassment, Leadership Style and Skill Development, Performance Management, Recruiting, Sexual Harassment, Team Building and Total Quality Management.

The Simmons Team also includes certified facilitators of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This extensive experience enables the firm to connect and integrate Diversity with other business initiatives.

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