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Think Globally
Written by Peggy Hazard, Managing Director, Simmons Associates, Inc.

Many companies are missing out by not considering local issues when rolling out their diversity programs. In this article, Peggy Hazard clarifies what workforce diversity means and explains why the phrase, “Think globally, act locally,” has never been more pertinent.  Read More

Q&A: Overcoming Barriers to Diversity
Written by Terry Simmons, CEO and Managing Partner, Simmons Associates, Inc.
Terry Simmons answers important questions relating to diversity such as explaining the difference between diversity and inclusion, pointing out diversity's broader application beyond race and gender especially in the global arena, as well as elaborating on some of the biggest barriers that organizations need to overcome in order to create an environment that values and manages diversity.  Read More

Tackling Performance Management Barriers
Written by Peggy Hazard, Managing Director, Simmons Associates, Inc.

Ineffective performance management, warns Peggy Hazard, can result in an informal system that hinders excellence and leads to discrimination. Read More
Ten Red Flags in a Diversity Initiative
Written by Terry Simmons and Peggy Hazard

The purpose of this series is to identify the Ten Red Flags that undermine diversity initiatives and how to avoid or overcome them. Surprisingly, these red flags fly even in many "best in class for diversity" companies. But typically they aren't recognized until the diversity initiative stalls. At that point, Senior HR and Diversity practitioners call us to discuss how to "reinvigorate" their diversity initiatives, to "gain traction."   Read More

Hold The Applause
Gaining Middle Management Buy-In To The Success Of Your Diversity Initiative
Written by Barry Callender, Managing Director, Simmons Associates, Inc.
By now you’ve probably read many publications’ lists of this year’s“ Best Places To Work” or “Best/Top Companies.” These companies win accolades and free publicity, a nice advantage in today’s competitive market for top talent. But you might be surprised to learn that many of
these same companies receive low employee-opinion survey scores and frequent complaints, and that many are even subjected to legal action.  Read More

Integrating diversity in corporate strategies

Top companies remain competitive by integrating diversity into their corporate strategies.
Diversity, however, remains largely a part of human resources departments although it is
increasingly becoming marketplace driven, according to a new survey.
The "Impact of Diversity Initiatives on Bottom Line" survey, released by the Society for
Human Resource Management (SHRM), included responses of 121 human-resources
professionals from Fortune 1000 companies and companies on Fortune magazine’s list of
the 100 Top Companies To Work For.  Read More

Significant Diversity Results at McNeil Occur with 9-Step Strategic Process
By Candice Choi,
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McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson & Johnson company, was able to sharply boost its representation of diverse employees and begin to tap multicultural markets by using a strategy developed by SimmonsAssociatesInc., a leading human-resources, diversity and organizational consulting firm based inNew Hope,Pa.
" We had ‘done diversity’ before, with no real progress," said Bill McComb, president of McNeil Consumer Healthcare. "The Simmons strategic system and process made all the difference in our ability to achieve real results."   Read More

Ready. Fire. Aim? Three Signs Your Diversity Program Will Fail
by Linda Bean
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Somewhere in corporate America, an eager mid-level manager is basking in the praise of a chief executive who just signed off on a new diversity initiative researched and written outside the executive suite. That's good news - empowering news - for the mid-level manager, right? Read More
Diversity's Wake-Up Call: It's Time to Think Like a Line Executive
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Two years ago - well before the wheels fell off the longest economic expansion in U.S. history - diversity directors with fat budgets might have been able to launch new programs without much thought to either the bottom line or a company's line executives. Read More

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