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Coaching for Minority Executives

High potential minority executives often face subtle barriers that intelligence and expertise alone cannot overcome. Executive Coaching is a non-confrontational process that helps leaders hone critical skills and progress towards their full potential.

Simmons Associates has created a coaching process specifically for minority leaders, designed to identify and action plan around the subtle barriers minorities face in the workplace. Although the process is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, the principles include assessment, planning, coaching, interim review, and follow-up. Coached individuals are provided with insights, tools, information and feedback to enable them to overcome the challenges that can prevent people of color from achieving their full professional potential.

Key Objectives – Participants will:

  • Learn to identify and handle the special challenges facing minority executives
  • Take better control of their career paths, including navigating the “informal system”
  • Identify and examine the Vectors™, or hidden forces that may affect career advancement
  • Develop methods and action plans to overcome these forces

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