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Live Drama as a Management Tool

Since 1995 Simmons Associates has offered customized compelling live dramas as a management training tool for clients including Accenture, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Johnson and Johnson and Executive Leadership Council’s CEO Diversity Summit. The scenarios, performed by professional actors, depict realistic issues/attitudes/behaviors faced by the participants that need to be understood and/or addressed in a productive way. Simmons Associates’ dramatized scenarios:

  • Credibly depict elements of organization’s culture and the impact of subtle behavior patterns upon certain individuals that may go unnoticed or may be hard to detect
  • Raise sensitive issues that the participants may be reluctant to bring up otherwise
  • Reveal the inner feelings of certain groups that others may not realize or appreciate
  • Give credible voice to all employee points of view to build empathy, understanding and buy-in from all participants about those different from themselves
  • Engage participants emotionally but in a safe way
  • Spark dialogue and problem solving in an engaging, unique way
  • Create a unique and memorable “event” for a large conference or meeting

Format Options

  • From 1 hour performance and debrief to two day skills-building programs
  • Each option includes performance and interactive discussion
  • Audience size as large as 500 or more (with video screens to project stage action) in tandem with high level debrief or more comprehensive breakout workshop sessions of up to 25 people each
  • Longer programs include focused problem-solving exercises
  • Skill building programs include hands on practice in effective behaviors and communications
  • Dramas can be produced on DVD

For more information about our Live Dramas, please contact Peggy Hazard, Managing Director at Tel. 201.836.3903 or at


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