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Our Human Resources Management Services:

Increasing Representation of Women and People of Color
Consultation, tools and training to help companies build representation of qualified and talented women and people of color throughout the organization, and at senior levels.

Career Strategies For Women & People of Color
High potential managers need more than intelligence and expertise to succeed at upper levels. Learn to navigate the subtle forces at play that may hinder career progress and tend to be more prevalent for women and people of color.

Consultation and training to create a successful mentoring program.

Leadership Development
Diversity-related concepts within a full set of superlative leadership skills!

Performance Management
A comprehensive practical framework to facilitate effective and unbiased development of all employees.

Managing and Leveraging Gender Diversity
Identify the impact of gender on individual and team performance by exploring gender roles and gender-based differences in the workplace.

Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
Learn to prevent and eliminate subtle and overt forms of harassment and discrimination.

Executive Search Services
Simmons Associates will handle your executive and professional staffing needs.

Enhanced Selection Interviewing
Develop unbiased selection criteria and interviewing skills to accurately assess candidates' capabilities.



Other Services:

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