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Simmons Associates, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the field of Global Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Education. We provide inclusion and culture training, consultation, and coaching globally as well as in targeted countries.

Adhering to the best practice of striking a "Global/Local Balance", Simmons Associates has developed a strategic planning process and training design approach that establishes a strong global framework for continuity while providing the local flexibility essential for buy-in and effectiveness in different locations.

Simmons has developed an array of programs and services to help meet the needs of multi-national, global businesses. These services include consultation and training in both global culture and global inclusion issues.

Global Inclusion Strategies
"Think Globally, Act Locally": The unity of a corporate strategy combined with the sensitivity to local needs and cultures!

Cultural Assessment Tool
A simple but powerful web-based instrument that enables participants to identify their cultural profile, identify gaps between themselves and others and learn techniques to address resulting challenges and opportunities.

Cross-Cultural / Global Skills Workshop
A global, cross-cultural workshop, which provides participants with the sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences and how to improve cross-cultural interactions.

Managers' Cross-Cultural / Global Skills Workshop
A global, cross-cultural workshop designed with the specific challenges and opportunities of managers in mind.

Cultural Diversity and Customer Service
This workshop explores the impact of cultural diversity on customer service.

Effective Cross-Cultural Selling
Best-in class selling and customer service skills training infused with cultural literacy.

US/UK Team Acceleration
Different or the same? Examine key cultural differences that impact relationships and productivity in UK/US teams.

Diversity Training for Germany
No longer is Germany the homogeneous country of the past. Diversity & Inclusion Training for this new diverse workforce!

Diversity & Inclusion by Global Region
Learn Best Practices, Successful Strategies and Training and how to run effective Global Diversity Councils and networks. For more information call Peggy Hazard tel: (+) 1-201-836-3903 or write at

Developing a Truly Global Leadership Competency Model and Processes
How to recognize and remove ethno-centrism from models and their implementation. Involves revealing verbiage that is not effective in different cultures, recognizing when values and competencies manifest differently and working to redesign models and processes that allow for effective global implementation. For more information call Peggy Hazard tel: (+) 1-201-836-3903 or write at

Asia: Talent Management, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, WorkLife

  • Work Life in Asia: Best practices, business case trends, priorities and variables across
  • Aging workforces and generational differences in Asia: Impacting staffing and talent management
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Asia: Trends, business case priorities and variables

    For more information call Peggy Hazard tel: (+) 1-201-836-3903 or write at
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