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Diversity Coaching for Leaders

Today, business leaders face new and challenging diversity-related issues in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. Increasingly, they manage diverse employee populations and face situations that, if handled well, can create great opportunities for the organization and if handled inappropriately, can create negative reactions. Executive Coaching, with a focus on diversity awareness and skills, can build critical skill sets for leaders in an increasingly diverse workplace.

Simmons Associates has created a coaching process specifically to address diversity-related issues that pose challenges and present opportunities for company leaders. Our private, non-confrontational coaching increases leaders diversity awareness, skills and overall acumen in diverse and global business environments.

Key Objectives – Participants will:

  • Expand the awareness and sensitivity about diversity and inclusion
  • Enhance leaders’ overall effectiveness in: modeling appropriate diversity-specific behaviors, developing diversity-related business strategies, effectively leading diverse functions/organizations
  • Offer leaders opportunities to test ideas and concerns related to diversity and inclusion in a one-on-one, non-threatening and supportive environment
  • Develop strategies and implementation plans to ensure success in high profile and high-risk diversity-relevant situations

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