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Our Diversity & Inclusion Services:

Executive Programs
Successful culture change begins with the CEO and the Executive Team. Simmons Associates offers the experience, the data, the skills and the style to help executives lead diverse and successful organizations through diversity and inclusion.

Diversity 2020™
Enhance understanding, awareness and engagement for all employees enabling them to contribute their best through diversity and inclusion.

Leadership 2020™
Compelling business case, personal awareness and diversity-friendly performance management skills for managers and other organizational leaders. Diversity and Inclusion at its best!

Live Drama  
Compelling live dramas with professional actors as a management training tool!

Performance Coaching in a Diverse Workforce 
How to avoid the most common "diversity traps" while solving performance problems.

Diversity and Teams
Diverse teams with equal talent can far outperform homogeneous teams or fall well below the norm. This workshop teaches the dynamics of high performance through diversity and inclusion.

Proven in over 100 organizations to be the best problem-solving tool in diversity!

Cultural Assessment Tool
Increase productivity and harmony by understanding the dynamics of cultural differences between yourself, your coworkers, your country or theirs. Cross cultural training for global business.

Forming Diversity Councils 
Create a Diversity Council that is aligned with your organization's long-term goals.

Diversity Measurement Services
Metrics, strategies and tools for your diversity needs analysis, cultural audit, business results and continuous improvement.

Diversity Guru™
A dialogue with the Diversity Guru who has the answers, especially for your CEO.

Online Diversity Toolkit
What happens after diversity and inclusion training? Managers can access our comprehensive learning base and quickly enhance their skills privately and at their own pace.

Simmons System of Interlocking Components™
Simmons Associates will absolutely guarantee success in your organization's diversity and inclusion process if you follow this system.

Disability - The New Frontier in Diversity
Meet Hire Disability Solutions: A national leader in bringing together top companies and qualified men and women with disabilities.

Diversity Ombudsman Services
Simmons Associates provides confidential, neutral and independent ombudsman services for all diversity and inclusion matters.

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