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Cultural Assessment Tool 

Intercultural skills are critical to the success of any global corporation. The Simmons Global Cultural Assessment Tool is a simple but powerful web-based instrument that enables workshop participants to learn about culture, identify their cultural profile, identify gaps between themselves and others and learn techniques to address resulting challenges and opportunities. The instrument is based on the Intercultural Awareness Model (ICAM©) created by Paula Caliguiri, Ph.D., Director, of Rutgers University Center for Human Resource Strategy.

Key Objectives – Participants will:

  • Learn the fundamentals about culture and the 8 dimensions of culture from the Intercultural Awareness Model
  • Identify and explore their own ICAM profile and that of other participants
  • Learn about cultural profiles of different countries based on ICAM research
  • Explore the challenges and solutions to addressing cultural differences: One on one, teams, "virtual" work, using global English, dealing with time zones. Additional modules, including details on specific countries, available upon request

If you would like more information about Cultural Self-Assessment Tool and its unique features, please request information.


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