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Cross-Cultural/Global Skills Workshop

Intercultural skills are critical to the success of any global corporation - whether you are a large multi-national corporation or a mid-size company in just one country with shifting demographics. Global culture training can give leaders, managers and employees the knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities in today's dynamic business environment.

Simmons Global has developed a global, cross-cultural workshop, which provides participants with the essential information, sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences and how to improve cross-cultural interactions. Case examples and problem-solving enable participants to transfer learning to real life situations.

Key Objectives - Participants will:

  • Understand how improving cross-cultural awareness and skills impacts the bottom line
  • Understand the fundamentals about culture, its elements and how they manifest
  • Explore the gaps created by cultural differences and how to address them
  • Learn to apply new skills and knowledge through case scenarios. Two-day versions provide more in- depth development of skills and abilities, with appropriate emphasis on employee or manager skills
  • Understand the special challenges of cultural differences in technology and "virtual" teamwork

If you would like more information about our Cross-Cultural/Global Skills Workshop, please request information.


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