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The Simmons Approach
to Diversity and Inclusion Training

Training is designed to be experiential and highly interactive. Training is participatory in nature, providing participants with the opportunity to develop and practice new skills as they learn to apply them to real world situations they may be facing.

Non-Polarizing Style
Simmons Associates, Inc. believes that training should always be confrontational, but it should confront the issues, not the people. The advanced approaches the firm has Simmons is unsurpassed in its real world experience, knowledge, and skill with diversity training and consulting. Their skill in tailoring all aspects of the initiative process to our industry and culture distinguishes them as a valued partner to our efforts. Simmons has trained upward of 3000 of our leaders and returned consistently exceptional feedback.

—Darryl Henderson, Esq.
Vice President Corporate Human Resources and Fairness Programs
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
developed allow us to confront the issues with real intensity and build skills for both managers and employees without polarizing our participants.

It is not possible to move forward in Diversity and Inclusion if the chosen methodology either fails to address the tough issues or, in so doing, offends large portions of the participant groups.

High "Skills/Awareness" Ratio
Awareness is important. However, awareness alone produces very little organizational change. In our programs, we take participants beyond awareness, supplying them with skills and real-world implementation tools.

The goal is to help organizations and teams develop the skills and techniques to apply the Diversity and Inclusion concepts from the training back-on-the-job, in a way that will benefit both the individual and the company.

Client Focused Design
At Simmons Associates, Inc. we do not believe in one size fits all training. Drawing on our many years of experience, we customize our programs and materials to ensure that the training is designed to suit the organizations culture and meet our clients' specific objectives.

Win-Win Training Style
Simmons Associates, Inc. offers a style of training which immediately elicits the full attention and participation of adult learners. Programs have been carefully designed to be experiential and highly interactive. Participants feel challenged and moved, yet fully respected.

Simmons Associates, Inc. approach provides participants the opportunity to develop and practice new skills as they learn to apply them to real world situations they may be facing.

No Mystery
The concept of Diversity and Inclusion is often presented as very complex and something that cannot be put into words.

Simmons Associates, Inc. has developed an approach to Diversity and Inclusion which is straightforward without sacrificing the serious nature and depth of the topic. While programs utilize a variety of sophisticated methods, they have been designed in a way that is very comprehensive and can be customized for any specific work environment.

The Vectors™ Theory is used in all of the Diversity and Inclusion programs and helps participants identify and overcome the hidden forces that prevent organizations from fully utilizing the skills and talents of diverse employees.

Implementation Tools
Providing participants with the skills and techniques to use the learned Diversity and Inclusion concepts is just a part of the process. Our Integrated Journalizing Technique helps participants apply those concepts back at work.

Participants are asked to log action planning steps at the end of the workshop. Everyone in the organization is thereby able to contribute to the success of the organization's Diversity and Inclusion initiative.

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