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Selection Interviewing
Team Building
Leadership Development
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Career Strategies For People of Color
Career Strategies For Professional Women
Gender Issues Beyond Sexual Harassment
Cross-Cultural Communication / Global Teams

 Selection Interviewing
 This program is designed for Managers and Human Resources professionals. Participantslearn a Diversity-friendly competency-based interviewing system which is easy to use and remember. Participants emerge with the ability to plan an interview, identify questions that should be asked, and avoid questions that should not be asked, while simultaneously selling the organization and discovering if the candidate is right for the job.

  • To provide managers with the tools to plan and conduct bias-free, yet effective selection and promotional interviews
  • To provide participants with the skills to uncover and assess the general background, technical skills, capabilities and personal characteristics of candidates
  • To enable managers to break through cultural and gender barriers to ensure bias-free interviews
  • To provide participants with the skills to develop recruiting strategies that will ensure a diverse candidate pool for key openings

Team Building

As employees, our potential to succeed depends on our ability to work with a number of people, many of whom differ from us by race, gender, culture, background, education, thinking styles, etc.

Using an advanced theory developed by Simmons Associates
,Inc, this program is highly interactive in nature, providing participants the opportunity to practice new skills as they learn to understand, value and leverage the differences among their team members.

Leadership Development

Simmons Associates
,Inc developed one of the first programs combining Diversity-related concepts with a full set of superlative leadership skills. The focus is not only on sensitizing participants to the different needs of employees, but also on adapting their behavior by replacing old skills with new skills.

Simmons Associates
,Inc has presented this evolving program for over ten years and the results are consistent. Participants feel more capable in their leadership role. The skills they learn continue to be used long after attending the program.


Assuring a discrimination-free workplace will not automatically empower individuals who are different from the dominant organizational norm. The mentoring process helps these individuals overcome any barriers that have an effect upon their career advancement.

Mentoring training is intended to provide Mentors, Managers and Protegees with the practical knowledge required to develop effective mentoring relationships, as well as share knowledge and experience. The purpose of this relationship is to provide organization orientation, political awareness, career counseling, networking and tutoring on specific skills, as well as personal and professional support.

  • Define and agree to the definition of the term "mentoring"
  • Describe the strategic business needs for the Mentoring Program
  • Understand the purpose of the Mentoring Program in relation to the changing demographic trends
  • Apply the benefits of the Mentoring Program for the Mentor, Manager and Protegee
  • Understand the roles and expectations of Mentors, Managers and Protegees
  • Identify the benefits of other developmental relationships
  • Understand how to initiate, sustain, support and end a mentoring relationship
  • Understand the behavioral interactions between the Mentor, Manager and Protegee
  • Analyze and apply their understanding of the obstacles and barriers to successful mentoring relationships
  • Uncover and analyze the hidden workplace forces (Vectors™) that hinder the careers of minorities and women. To develop strategies to counteract the negative forces and capitalize on the positive forces.
  • Develop models for communicating across gender, racial and cultural boundaries
  • Establish personal action plans to initiate, sustain and support successful mentoring relationships

Performance Management

Poor performance management often resembles discrimination to those on the receiving end. Conducting coaching interviews and reducing subjectivity in performance appraisals are essential for creating a respectful and highly productive working environment.

The result of performance management systems that identify real performance problems are systems which manage for optimum productivity and respectful interactions.

  • To shift performance management from a punitive process to a helping/coaching process.
  • To provide managers with highly effective easy-to-use coaching tools
  • To enable managers to provide thorough yet bias-free feedback
  • To provide participants with a performance development system that encompasses goal setting, equitable employee development, ongoing bias-free feedback and objective performance reviews

Career Strategies for People of Color
Career Strategies for Professional Women

We have designed a well-structured, totally realistic program to teach minority and female professionals the intangibles required to succeed at higher levels.

Participants identify and examine formal and informal factors which have an effect upon their career advancement. They also examine their own values, goals and capabilities, and the impact of each upon their careers. Participants learn a logical approach to planning for their career growth and develop methods of identifying and solving problems which are currently inhibiting their advancement.

  • Identify and examine the formal and informal factors which have an effect upon the career advancement of minority professionals
  • Examine their own values, goals and capabilities, and the impact of each upon their careers
  • Learn to use a logical approach to planning for career growth
  • Develop methods of identifying and solving problems which are currently inhibiting their career growth

  • Self-assessment and development planning
  • Exercises in life planning
  • Long and short range career strategies
  • The realities of the corporate environment
  • Identifying and overcoming career advancement obstacles
  • Understanding and controlling biases
  • Assessing and enhancing current career situations
  • Career strategies panel

Gender Issues Beyond Sexual Harassment

Improved communication skills for men and women working together in partnership is key to maximizing productivity, increased cooperation and improved individual and team performance.

Programs explore the different interaction styles, viewpoints and perceptions commonly held by men and women about each other and themselves, and also examine societal influences. The identification and understanding of these differences are a critical first step, however, this program moves beyond awareness and offers tangible skills to build more productive communication.

Cross-Cultural Communication / Global Teams

Cross-cultural communications are prey to a clash of conversational styles, languages, dialects and nuances. This can lead to misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions and missed opportunities.

This workshop explores the elements of good communication skills and the effect culture has on communications styles and norms. Experiential in nature, it provides participants the opportunity to develop and practice new skills to communicate effectively with their coworkers regardless of their cultural differences.

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Human Resources Management
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