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Our Consultation Services:

Strategic Planning
Critical to the success of a Diversity Initiative is effective strategic planning. Simmons Associates has worked hard to develop the methodology for working with executives to develop the strategies, systems and behavioral patterns required to lead their organization in its successful utilization of Diversity.

An organization with the support of its Executives and a workable plan of action in place achieves results.

One-On-One Coaching and Counseling
This strategy allows organizations to target any individual with special needs. It is a particularly effective approach with executives and high profile individuals.

It is also very effective at increasing an individual's awareness as to the impact and consequences of their behavior on subordinates, coworkers and on both internal and external customers.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The Simmons Team includes certified facilitators of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI instrument helps you improve relationships at work, increase productivity and identity leadership and interpersonal communication preferences.

The MBTI is a valuable tool and can be used to facilitate team builiding and organization and leadership development.
Other Services:
Diversity Diversity Measurement Eliminating Sexual Harassment HR Management Consultation

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